Roosh V. Bang Ebook Review

Roosh Bang Ebook

Roosh Bang Ebook

This incredible eBook completely explains each part of essential cold approach game, including everything from deep inner game and confidence to the intricate details of sex and relationships. “Bang” includes so much quality material that is one of the few pieces of literature in the PUA community that I can confidently say is the ONLY piece of literature that can single-handedly turn an average frustrated chump to bonafide pick up artist. While most material in the community is based on theory and following dogmatic methods, the lessons taught in this book are clearly based on several years of actual experience in a very practical world.

The beginning of the book includes a brief prologue that explains several realities. Of these realities includes the crucial fact that it takes a considerable amount of time to get very good at meeting women and achieving the end result consistently. It also informs the reader that one will have to be willing to go out of his comfort zone to achieve results. While many students who enter the seduction community become knowledge junkies who are continuously filling their heads with information, this book accurately suggests that it is much more effective to go out and get the actual experience, and that experience includes both failing and succeeding.

Roosh provides a short anecdote of his history of dating, which likely parallels that of many new community students. One notable concept is that although the attractiveness of the male physical appearance is not necessary to generate attraction, taking care of oneself will generate confidence, which triggers attraction. One very interesting statistic included is that a statistical amount of men have the ability to open a conversation with a woman, generate attraction, and sleep with more women in a year than most men do in a lifetime. A complete understanding of this book will likely transform a man into the former. In addition to this valuable information, the book also includes essential information on evolution, psychology, and sociology that can take a student days to derive out of reading dozens of other books.

Roosh with the ladies

Roosh with the ladies

Early in the book, essential information is provided on the early stages of game, including the skills to confidently approach many women and essentially multiply one’s opportunities. The book analyzes the phenomenon of rejection and proves it to be a good thing in all stages of game. Realistically, those who have wild success with women have been rejected hundreds of times along their journeys because that it what it takes to reach their level of success. Once this is accepted, the journey becomes much easier.

Many skills, that are each explained on a deep level and precede effective examples, are entirely explained from opening a conversation to kissing, dating, sex and maintaining a relationship. The end of the book includes an enlightening reality on the game as a whole and explains that the results at the end of the journey come with the natural ability to be successful with women with minimal effort.

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