Overview: Buenos Aires, Argentina

City Overview: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Obelisco in Buenos, Aires

Obelisco in Buenos, Aires

I only had one week in Buenos Aires, so this could contain more edits in the future when I come back to BA. Others who have traveled here share your comments with us!! Also expats who live in BA it would be great if you could send us more info on BA.

Buenos Aires is a city I have always wanted to visit since my high school days. With so many expecations, would the city live up to the hype I had for it?  The answer is a simple yes.  As soon as we got into Buenos Aires, the European style architecture, and the cities personality sticks out at you. It makes you want to explore more of the city.


From what I experienced, BA was relatively safe. Still, you have to exercise caution when you are traveling. Remember not to carry flashy jewelery, lots of cash, and always use common sense. BEWARE: counterfeit bills lurk around. I was handed one without even realizing it. When you are in a taxi, make sure to look over the bills. The shady neighborhoods are: Constitution Estacion, the eastern border of San Telmo and La Boca.


The main part of Buenos Aires is the microcentero. It has many of the city’s museums and historical buildings. Be sure to check out Av Florida, Obelisco, Plaza de Mayo, and Puerto Madero.


We ended up staying at a hostel by the name of the Vanilla House. I highly recommend it and they have deals on long term stays. It is listed as Chill House on the Lonely Planet it changed ownership a few months back.The people who run it are very cool and it is pretty close to Plaza Serrano- where a lot of bars and restaurants are located.

There are also other hostels in Palermo Viejo and the city center. I met a few traveler’s staying at Millhouse downtown. Be warned it is a party hostel. So, if that’s your thing check it out!


Buenos Aires is famous for its food. You can tell the Italian influence in the cuisine- pizzas and pastas. In Palermo Viejo, where we stayed,  there are plenty of restaurants. There is also one that if you order from there you get a 10% off discount for staying at Vanilla House and it is very close. Plaza Serrano is loaded with restaurants and bars be sure to check it out.


Buenos Aires is known for its nightlife and I was very impressed. The nightlife was very reminiscent of Miami- known for many different types of clubs and bars and open very late. People here don’t even go out till after 2AM. I learned that after going to a club early my first night out. I only got to experience a few days of the nightlife. The first club we checked out was on a Tuesday and it was called Le Cigale a lounge bar down town known for its Tuesday night. The night we went was on a holiday, but there were a few people there. The next venue we went to that night was Bahrein also known for its Tuesday and “Heavy Drum n Bass.” It was a great venue and a good crowd- I went the next Tuesday and it wasn’t that great, though.

The next night we went to Asia de Cuba in Puerto Madero. Well, they had a private party and we knew no one inside so we couldn’t get in. It sucked, but I’m sure it is a good venue. I’ll have to go one night when I come back to BA to check it out. The next night we went to Liquid with some girls we knew from the hostel. This was also a good venue with a mix of music and close to the hostel. The following night we went to Uruguay so we missed the weekend which I am sure BA has plenty of good weekend venues. Also check out Plaza Serrano on the weekends we heard it was good. There are plenty of bars in the area. Those who have been to BA and know of some more venues please share them with us.


BA has an extensive bus network. The bus terminal is called Retiro and is three stories and has plenty of buses. Inside there are also cafeterias, shops, and bathrooms. Make sure to buy your ticket in advance.


We came into BA from the Airport. The name is Ezieza International Airport. To get through immigration was very quick. Remember to save money  take the bus from the airport into the city. If you take a taxi, you will be spending a lot of money.


I found the girls in BA to be very attractive. They are also known as porteñas and hystericas. Hystericas is a term that Lumiere had told me about and I heard from others in reference to girls from Buenos Aires. It basically means yes-but-no-but-yes-but-no it goes beyond flakiness. Remember that Argentina also has the highest rate of plastic surgery and psychoanalysis in the world. But, I was only here for a week and I found the girls to be very friendly. While other travelers told me they had high shields, I did not think that. Maybe that’s because I’m a PUA.

What was up with all the girl smoker’s in BA? And a lot of chicks with piercings, tats, and not painting nails?

Overall City Rank: A

I gave Buenos Aires, Argentina an A in my city rank scale. It offers a great nightlife,cute girls,and good food. On the downside, it was a bit more expensive than the other countries and had more tourists- especially Americans.  I like Americans, but when I’m traveling not so much.  I like to meet the local people when I go out to the bars and clubs. Maybe I was going to the touristy venues? Another thing, if you party all night, you end up waking up at 5 the next day feeling like crap.

If anyone has any suggestions on where the local Argentenian hangouts are in BA, let me know.

Come try out Buenos Aires…You won’t be dissapointed.

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  1. Edward says:

    Great stuff once again! I’ve also heard very good things about Cordoba.

  2. Latinstylez says:

    Hey Edward. I just got into Cordoba yesterday and I’m pretty impressed. Almost everyone I have seen here is college aged and the nightlife wasn’t bad either!!

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