Ok, This Is Interesting – Asian Dating Superstars Reviewed … A Product Specifically For Asian Guys!

Asian Dating Superstars Review

Asian Dating Superstars

Asian Dating Superstars

It’s not everyday you come across a product specifically for Asian men only. I mean Asians have it hard sometimes, the media’s not kind on them and then there are stereotypes like having a small dick and stuff like that.

That said, some of my best friends are Asian and they are some of the biggest pimps I have ever seen. They just seem to exude confidence from their skin pores.


Stereotype, what stereotype?

Anyway, most Asian guys I know aren’t all that smooth and charming. Some of them have crappy body language, bad handshakes, are nervous wrecks around women and give in too easily.

It could be the whole “Asian” culture and the whole Asian upbringing and strict discipline and stuff but I have no idea.

That said, I had a chance to review a product by a guy named Ryker Koh. Ryker had interviewed 13 of the world’s top Asian PUAs and asked them Asian-specific questions. It was a literally a product made by an Asian for other Asians.

Instead of FUBU, it’s FABA! (For Asian By Asian, lol)

Click here to find out more.

If you are Asian, you better read this.

If you ever wondered whether being shorter than a white guy, or being less muscular is an issue … or if you ever wondered whether white women find Asian guys attractive…. or if you ever thought that being stereotyped with a small penis is a problem – guess what, this is your answer right here.

I heard the first 5 interviews and this Ryker guy really drills these Asian dating coaches hard. It really looks like the guy has done his research here and man, some of the questions he asked were so specific and right-on-the-money I was nodding in approval.

Even from a non-Asian perspective, this product is value for money. First of, the cast Ryker brought together is insane.

It’s DJ Fuji (who just won the PUA Summit 2009′s Best Fresh Blood PUA), Daniel Rose of Sex God Method fame, Jeremy Soul (Day Game Expert from LoveSystems), the mysterious Mr M whose legendary Playmate pickup has become big news around the community, Troy Dizon, William from ABCs of Attraction and even an Asian-American PhD Professor of Evolutionary and Mating Science.

What are you taking for? Get Asian Dating Superstars.

The content is not just for Asians too, ’cause it deals with limiting beliefs as a whole. I remember the time when I thought being short was a problem and after listening to the series, I struggled to remember why I even let that thought affect me in the first place.

All I can say is this – if you are Asian and you are reading this, you will do well by checking this product out here. Hey, if anything, Ryker has gotten these coaches to surrender some of their best lay-reports and articles – some of which I have never seen anywhere else before and I hear are only given to their private-instruction clients, who pay freaking thousands of dollars to get.

And I was browsing some of these lay-reports and *pleep*, some of the stuff inside is GOLD, GOLD, GOLD man …. read it and see if you won’t just agree straight-away with me.

And if you are not Asian, it’s definitely still worth checking out. You will learn something from the all-star lineup and clear some of these small, nagging limiting beliefs that sometimes pop up and bite you in the ass.

After listening to it, I guarantee you will feel a deeper sense of clarity and self-belief. Well, I certainly did.

Anyway, check it out here –> Click me!

I went through the whole set, and I highly recommend it. Read the sales-letter too, it’s one of the funniest, most sarcastic sales-letters I have read in a long, long time.

Once again, it’s here –>  Asian Dating Superstars

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3 Responses to Ok, This Is Interesting – Asian Dating Superstars Reviewed … A Product Specifically For Asian Guys!

  1. CaliPimp says:

    Wow…I never knew Daniel Rose was Asian. Glad to see Asian puas finally getting their due.

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  3. Spare me says:

    Spare me the embarrassment of unnecessary dating tips for asian men when they are already the least attractive men compared to other ethnicities by most women. I’m Asian and I don’t need any advice, despite being 41 years old, good looking, short 5’4″, with a 4.5 incher and haven’t been able to get laid in 6 years, but still looking.

    The problem I see is whenever you’re a minority in a country that’s not from your ancestry, there will always be favoritism for the majority first, and since the majority in the U.S. is caucasian, I don’t see how Asian men can compete when there are very few. This limiting populace wouldn’t of happened if it weren’t for our U.S. governments involvement with immigration policies limiting Chinese during the late 1800s. You can look this up on google, just type The exclusion act of 1882.

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