Korean Girls: Different Than Girls in General?


I’ve been talking to a few people from around the world, and we were debating about whether or not Korean women, are different than women from anywhere else around the world.

First, I talk about the differences between the East and the West.  Having lived, met and dated women in both parts of the world, I can share with you some of the differences in both history, culture and dating expectations.

In the West, we are taught to stand up for ourselves and be seen an individual. In the Orient, the saying goes that “if a nail stands up, it will be hammered down”. If you read the book Geography of Thought by Professor Nisbett , you will learn about this in depth. This difference in paradigm is the core of why gaming Oriental vs Occidental women is different.

You can easily see this in Asian movies such as Hero with Jet Li, or The curse of the Golden Flower with Chow Yun Fat.

I’ll throw out a few examples, and let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to know about.

* let’s say you’ve approached a girl in a bar and have gone over the opener.

In the West, approaching a girl is not that much of a deal, and doesn’t generate enough attraction on it’s own.

In the East, it’s very rare to see guys approach girls. In fact, only us Westerners do it in the daytime. This causes you to have to re-calibrate, and be careful about not shying her away, because she will feel self-conscious.

* Let’s say you are talking to a girl in a bar who is with her friends. She likes you, it’s painfully obvious. Her friends come, but they see you going well with their friend.

In the West, your target is more than likely to stay talking to you, and her friends are more than likely to let you guys do your thing, unless they can tell that she’s not having a good time.

In the East, your target is more than likely to notice her friends in their own group, and feeling like she’s going against her group, she will excuse herself in spite of liking you.

* Let’s say you’re building comfort

In the West, girls tend to talk about a variety of things, and have many different goals and stories that they are more than willing to go into.

In the East, you begin noticing certain common patterns on what they want, and say they want, or just say, and they keep it short. Sometimes, it’s like sarging the same person over, and over again. Neutral

Now let’s talk some about Korean women.


What can I say? I love them. It’s not just their looks that
get me going, but also their personalities.  They are reputed for being the prettiest women in the world, and I can’t agree more. Sure, Japanese women put more make up, and being a foreigner with Chinese women has more pull, but Korean women are still my favorite.

Take it from me, I am speaking from my personal
experience: In general, they’re fun, energetic, CARING -
I used to have pleasant surprises on my birthday: all my
girls used to bring me gifts including wine and
champagne, not to mention the massages and of course,
good ol’ fun sex.

I really want you guys also to experience similar
situations – I want to be lying on a beach with my girl,
watching you guys having a blast with yours.
On the other hand, Koreans can be quite bratty (you’ll
come to love this though, or get tired of it), whiny,
and if you don’t own the context of the relationship, they
will own your wallet AND your time.

This is because they have what’s known as the ‘공주병’ which stands for ‘princess disease’. In general, they act whiny and bratty when they don’t get when they want, and some of them use their whining like kids to get men to bend to their will (and I recommend staying away from these ones).

What you need to understand, however, is that unlike Japan or China, being a foreigner in Korea is something ‘cool’ but something ‘different’.  You won’t get bonus points for being a foreigner. In fact, it can be a lot harder for you because Korean girls will shy away at not being able to communicate.

On the other hand, Korean women are the best at speaking English in North-East Asia, aside for Hong Kong.  English is so popular here that you can tease them for NOT speaking it!

All in all,  living and dating in Korea has taught me a lot about women and myself.  I love being surrounded by them, and wish the same for you.

Until then, have fun!


–To see more of BlueM check out his blog. He also has a book on dating Korean Women.

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9 Responses to Korean Girls: Different Than Girls in General?

  1. Jim Schlecty says:

    “[Korean Girls] are reputed for being the prettiest women in the world”

    To quote Wikipedia:
    [citation needed]

  2. Great article. I would like to say first off that I agree, Korean women are very attractive. I Should definitley consider visiting Korea at some point :)

    It is interesting to see an indepth point of veiw about meeting women in Korea. The cultural difference as you said is vastly different between East and West. However the way in which you build attraction with korean women must be the same. All women are the same on a biological level. They find the same things in a man attractive.

    Though it sounds as though demonstrating these attractive traits might be slightly harder in Korea. Like you mentioned ‘as In the East, your target is more than likely to notice her friends in their own group, and feeling like she’s going against her group, she will excuse herself in spite of liking you.’ Makes life slightly harder :)

    Still though we all love a good challenge and by the sounds of it once you meet a girl over there you will have a great time :) Nice article.

  3. jonas says:

    IMHO Korean girls are really pretty but very strong character. I used to have a Korean girlfriend but am now into Japanese girls. Trying to find one like Nozomi Sasaki

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  5. I was in Korea recently. The majority of women are unattractive. Tokyo and Shanghai trump Seoul by a mile.

  6. Neil Skywalker says:

    Guys, it is clear that you havent been to the philippines yet. The girls are smoking hot over there and you dont need much pua skills to get one between the sheets. They are how ever very tricky though but you have to know what to say to them.
    In Places like Cebu are many Koreans you study English in the Philippines. In the clubs you really see a difference in beauty. Most Korean girls are big and tall. Not to say there arent hot Korean girls around but the difference is huge. And yes, i’ve been to Korea too.

  7. Tai says:

    they all get plastic surgery because its every common and their parents promotes plastic surgery. Im korean so i know

  8. rin says:

    Girls are the same all around the world
    I know cause I’m Korean

  9. Train says:

    I think a lot is about how you look. If you have the look she wants. She will like you. And of course if your characters matches.

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