5 Keys to SNL Game

8 hours? Try 30 minutes.

8 hours? Try 30 minutes.

Lately, in the community there has been more of an interest in SNL Game. Here’s the misconception. Many guys believe there is a 7 hr rule that you must follow to getting the close. Take that and throw it down the drain. There’s guys closing in less than 4 hours and my SNL’S usually average about 4-5 hours with my last one being in 2 hours. Well, Latinstylez what are the keys to SNL Game?

1. Logistics

Yup, this is where most guys fail. A friend of mine by the name of RedpoleQ always stresses logistics. If you have a solid game plan, of where you will take the girl from point A-Z, then you will be that much better off when you are running game. Combine that with being comfortable in the venues and also knowing the people there. Guess what that creates? It creates a person who is comfortable within himself in the areas he goes to and it shows by the way you act and also by the way you talk to other people in the venue.

Tip: Start looking around your area for some good venues to bounce your girls to. Think of at least 3-4 venues that you can rotate between.

2. Use plausible deniability to bring her back to your place

Plausible deniability is created when she doesn’t feel responsible. Again, my buddy RedpoleQ and BlueM stress this in their teaching. I have used this technique and have been able to escalate at a quicker pace and also deal with less LMR when I pull her back. A good example would be to tell her about vacation photos that you want to show her or some funny you tube videos. What this does is it doesn’t make her responsible. Remember the man is responsible!

3. Escalate

Escalating is where most guys fuck up on. You have a guy who is clearly interested in the girl he is sarging but when it comes to kinoing her he freezes out. Afraid to touch her the guy goes into a state and loses out on the girl he is interested in.This is one of the most important parts of SNL game because physical touch is very important in the HB feeling comfortable with you. Without touch, there is nothing!

Escalation tips:

Start small. This can be your hand on her shoulder or lightly touching  her arm and progressing. RedpoleQ teaches a bootcamp where he goes over this with guys. Remember to continue progressing!

4. Sexualize

Well what is sexualizing, Latin?  Here are some quick sexualization tips. Make sure to run Questions Game later on in the sarge. This is typically done at the seduction location or prior to the seduction location.

You want to make sure to find out how sexual she is…

Start by asking questions on how many people she has kissed and slowly progressing from there. The key here is to progress with each question.

Strawberry Fields is another great way to sexualize typically in the bounce location before the seduction location or you can roll it out in the seduction location. Sexualizing takes practice; I am still working on getting it tighter.

5. Pull the trigger

She’s laying there in the bed looking at you all sexual. You look down and decide that you “feel” right now is not the time after you have progressed this far in the SAME DAY! We’ve been there. This is the main reason I am writing this post. Well, don’t just sit there looking  at her pull the f…. trigger… Go on that bed and play with her hair and give her a kiss.

I’m sick of hearing crap about all these games in the community. Just go in for the k close and escalate. Pulling the trigger means going after what you want. Do you want that girl? Then pull the trigger!

SNL Game:

Just a few tips from someone who has experience in SNL Game. Most of the time I don’t even go for the SNL’s they just happen. They happen because of some of the steps I have listed above. There is much more to expand on this topic and we are working on ways to make our game harder, better, faster, and stronger. Most commonly in SNL Game, faster!


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3 Responses to 5 Keys to SNL Game

  1. Hammer says:

    There are basically only two things that matter in SNL game: logistics, which you touched on but didn’t really hit very hard, and compliance. There are other things that can help with all of this, like framing for example, but if you have really right logistics and a girl has high compliance with you, nothing else really matters.

    As far as logistics go, you left out the most important part, which is screening for logistics. Your logistics aren’t really that important in the grand scheme of things as long as you have compliance (see my LR from last night), but if she’s the designated driver or has some other serious logistical hurdle, it just won’t matter. The guys who are really good at SNL game screen for this early and know when to time bridge and move on if the logistics are less than ideal.

  2. Bolo says:

    Good tips Hammer. Logistics is definitely number 1 if everything else is in place. Although I think sexual framing is another thing that needs to be mentioned. Things like Strawberry Fields are used for sexual framing but your stories can also be used. Be sure to set frames about how you keep secretsI I caught my sister smoking. She freaked out and told me not to tell my parents. I said it was cool) and are non judgmental (I wandered into a gay bar by accident. Made some new friends and even hooked two guys up).

  3. Hammer, you added in screening which I agree is good. Something I also do is to find out how much time I have to work with in the sarge. For example, asking if they have a curfew which is common outside of the U.S. If she doesn’t, then I know I have alot of time to run the sarge or if it is less time I have to calibrate my bounce locations. But, I think sexualizing is as equally as important as logistics.

    You could have great logistics and screen, but if you haven’t sexualized properly you will meet resistance. That is why games like Strawberry Fields and the Questions game were developed. Also, plausible deniability is just as important because if you just have good logistics and try to bounce her to your place she can come up for an excuse as to why she can’t come to your place.

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