Why Picking Up Korean Women Is So Challenging!

If you’ve ever tried picking up korean women you’ll quickly discover how challenging they are.

They walk away even if they laugh at your joke. They look so sexy but are the most conservative Asian women. What’s going on?

After 5 years of picking up in Korea I discovered that the reasons are simple but profound. In fact if you ever come to Korea you’ll quickly uncover why you have to approach twenty women just to have one listen to you!

Picking up and dating Korean women is challenging because:

• Korean culture has its own agenda

• Korean men do their best to stop you

• Korean women’s complex nature

And you though learning Korean was tough. ;-)

But is the reward worth it?

you bet! Korean women are gorgeous and picking up Korean women does more than just hone your PU skills: You earn the respect of those of us who’ve been-there-done-that. You also earn her respect and affection because most Korean men can’t do what you’ll soon be able to.

What Is Korean Society’s Agenda?

It’s simple – keep Korea ‘united’ (i.e. homogeneous) in a stable and growing Korean society. Foreigners are and will always have a love/hate relationship with Korea.

Ideally Korean society wants our knowledge and money without having to deal with us as people.

So what does that have to do with picking up Korean women? As a Korean woman grows up she learns that foreigners have no place in Korean society and most foreigners are either arrogant or ambition-less.


Do we have a chance? You bet! We’re the rebel in Korean society. We’re the ‘alternative’ and quite frankly: we’re a great alternate choice! We offer Korean women a way out of their rigid culture (not to mention fun times.) ;-)

The thing is that not all Korean women want an out. In fact the most beautiful ones are quite happy in their ‘Korean bubble’.


Because they have a great position in their socio-economic order. Guys do what they want them to do and society admires them. Most gorgeous Korean women don’t see a need to step outside the ‘bubble’.

I mean – if women did what you wanted and you got all of society’s admiration…would you want to get out?

Do all Korean women feel this way? Not at all! Many Korean women WANT the alternative! But then there’s another challenge: Korean men.

Korean Men CockBlock You Like There’s No Tomorrow!

Most Korean men are jealous that you’re picking up Korean women. Just being able to open her is something most Korean men dream of being able to do.

So rather than applaud you for your bravery they pull you down. I mean if they can’t have her then why should you?

Sure they sugarcoat it with the infamous ‘ouri nara’ (our nation) xenophobia. Their ‘rationalization’ is that Koreans stick together. Of course if you introduce them to beautiful foreign women I don’t think they’ll be chanting that song anymore. In fact they’ll be glad you did! They want an alternative too!

Have you seen the dating culture in Korea? It’s quite a process! You can read more about it by clicking on the link.

You see, Korean women are particularly difficult to game. Even for Korean men and they think it’s easier for foreigners! That’s because Korean women are more responsive during the approach but that’s where it ends.

Why are Korean women so difficult? If you ask a Korean woman she wouldn’t know why either!

Korean women are challenging for everyone!

Korean women are challenging and I think it’s because of a lot of reasons:

#1 Korean women have no real status – sure they have the looks but not the status. Korea is still very patriarchal. You wouldn’t find many Korean women able to live on her own economically. It’s happening but still very rare.

#2 Korean women have a lot to consider – A Korean woman has a lot of social relationships. From the time she was born she’s probably lived in the same area for her whole life. She has to meet her friends all the way from kindergarten to university. So when you come into her life you don’t have as much social pull.

#3 Korean women work 12 hour shifts! – Koreans and Korean women work and commute to work a lot. It’s a rat race and when they’re finished working they’re supposed to “study”. Koreans live a hectic life and sometimes they just don’t have the time to date you.

#4 Korean women are women! – A party acquaintance once said that “men are so simple that women can’t understand it, and women are so complicated that men don’t understand them.”

Women are complicated creatures. Korean women are among the most complicated! This all makes picking up Korean women a challenge.

Is Picking Up Korean Women Worth It?

In spite of all this I’d say they are. They’re very beautiful and fun to be with. If you’re in Korea or just plan on picking up Korean women then I recommend starting with knowing how to attract hot Korean women. You can discover more by clicking on the link.

Enjoy your adventures with dating Korean ladies!

BlueM with Korea-Dating-Tips.com

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What about the Philippines?


I’ve had the discussion about the Philippines with many people. To be honest, I’ve gotten quite mixed results. Some people like it and others don’t. When I first went to the Philippines last year, I didn’t like it because I was comparing it to more developed countries. After reflecting back on my trip, I realized that it was quite an adventure different from other countries I had been to. A summary of my last trip: I went to really nice beaches, closed a hot Filipino girl I met on the beach, got burned on a motorbike, got ripped off by cab drivers, and I encountered many beggars.

The second time going to the Philippines I wanted to focus more on the positive aspects of this country. This helped me have an even more enjoyable trip than last year. It also helped that I had a friend who could show me around Manila. In this article, I lay down some of the pros and cons of the Philippines.


1. Warm Weather- It was nice to head down to the Philippines from Taiwan and feel the warmth when I got out of the airport. It felt like summer. Well, the Philippines is warm year round which is a huge plus!

2.Really nice beaches- If you want to check out the Philippines, then you gotta go to the beaches in Palawan, Boracay, or Bohol. I heard Bohol has the worlds smallest monkey that can fit in the palm of your hand.

3. Most people speak English- This is really nice since in many parts of Asia English is the main language. Filipinos use Tagalog, but most people you deal with on a daily basis can speak English. This also helps when gaming girls because you can talk to them in English. The only issue in the Philippines comes with pronunciation since I had trouble distinguishing certain words people were saying.

4. Malls- Manila and Cebu have tons of malls worth checking out. I’m not sure about the rest of the Philippines. The malls are a great place to pick up girls. If you are in Manila, head over to Greenbelt there are many nice cafes and restaurants there and a great area to meet a date. If you are in Cebu, check out Ayala Mall.

5. Cheap- It’s relatively cheap. Taxis are really cheap and jeepneys are even cheaper. I wouldn’t recommend riding the jeepneys because if your in a hurry to get somewhere they are quite slow.


1. Women- Generally, I felt that the women in Philippines weren’t that good looking. That’s not to say that there aren’t attractive women in Manila and Cebu. You just have to REALLY look for them. In Manila, I would go to Greenbelt and a club named Republiq to find more attractive women. In Cebu, I would go to Ayala Mall. Can anyone recommend some good clubs in Cebu?

2. Food- The food in the Philippines is quite international, and I was left wondering where are the Filipino restaurants? Could it be the hundreds of years of colonization has created an abundance of more Western style restaurants? On my last night, I tried Pork Adobo and it was delicious but we had to look pretty hard to find a Filipino restaurant.

3. Cabs- This is mainly a Manila issue but sometimes cab drivers can be jerks, and if your destination is close they might not drive you. My friend said if you can speak to them in some tagalog this can stop the cab drivers from taking advantage of you.


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Things that have been helping my game in 2012.

I’ve been back out in the field in Taipei in January and have been sarging pretty much everyday. I have came up with a few observations as I have been modifying my game this year.

1. Set a goal- My goal the first few weeks sarging in Taipei was to open 30 sets. I wrote that down as my target and I kept to it. Whatever goal that you set try to do it everyday. I’m now going on nearly a month in Taipei and have since lowered my goal to about 20 sets based on some adjustments I made to my game. We’re always tweaking our goals so don’t feel bad about changing them.

2. Are you seeing other women?- This is something I have faced this year. Since I am out approaching women on a daily basis, I have been asked by women “Are you seeing other girls?” I told a girl that I already closed “Yes.” And then she flipped out. I sought out advice from RedpoleQ who mentioned that in Asia it’s okay to be vague. Kane Vast added that you could tell stories about “How you shouldn’t make rules in a relationship” this could be done earlier in the sarge to prevent this question from popping up. Vitality, added that it’s okay to tell girls “I’m out with a friend” or “I’m having dinner with a friend.” So don’t be explicit because it could have the girl storming out of your place.

3. Logistics are everything- Always make sure your logistics are tight. What do I mean by tight logistics? Are you staying at your Mom’s house? Do you have a place you can bring girls back to? Square away your logistics before you even start sarging trust me. It can make or break your game! In Taipei, they have DVD rooms or motels. If you guys want, I can provide some of these on here for those going to Taipei.

4. Don’t be afraid to text girls a lot. I used to think that sending out a lot of text messages to girls came off as needy. In 2012, I have noticed that I have not come off as needy by sending out lots of fun and interesting text messages to girls. They seem to value the messages I send. I make sure that my texts add value. I might bring up something that we talked about that day or something that I genuinely like about the girl.

5. Get a counter. If you’re going to be out opening lots of sets, you should invest in a counter. They aren’t expensive at all and it helps you tally your sets as you open. If you have that target of 20 sets, you will be better able to keep track of it with your counter. Keep a notebook to log the number closes that you get and remember to write down observations that you made during the sarge. This could be her hair style, dress style, or something interesting that she did.

6. Getting back to the basics- I’m going to make another post in the future about the fundamentals of game, but in 2012 I’ve been getting back to the basics. That means writing field reports and using stories and games to make my sarges more effective. I like to relate pick up to basketball and good basketball players know the basics and stick to them.

These are a few things that have improve my game in 2012. I will continue to go out there and sarge and share my insights in 2012.


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone! Wow, it’s been so long since my last post. Hopefully I still have some readers out there. I’ve been on a hiatus working on other aspects of my life, but I plan on coming on here when I get the chance. This blog was intended to be a place where I would write about my experiences being a traveling pick up artist, but it has actually been much more than that. I have met some really great guys through this blog, and also made some connections with other well-known PUA’s.

As the New Year comes, I have some big plans in store for the 2012 year. I want to travel to many more countries, and update on my adventures there. I don’t want this to be just another “pua” blog. I would like to incorporate food and culture into the blog, and that is what I will be working on this year as I travel to new countries. I am wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and I look forward to making some posts next year. It will be good to start writing again.

Take Care All,


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One Weekend Only! November 11 – 12. San Francisco Bootcamp With Matador and Achilles

Achilles bootcamp

Hey guys.

We’ve been getting a ton of comments about our Achilles interview. In fact, one of our friends got his first ever close after simply listening to it! He took Achilles advice to talk to every hot girl you see, no matter if you’re sarging or not. And what do you know!

Now Arash Is Having A Bootcamp With Matador Of Venusian Arts Fame On Novemeber 11 – 12!

Matador is a legend in The Game, having taught thousands of bootcamps all over the world and being a personal wing of Mystery since the beginning.

After watching The Pickup Artist on VH1, Achilles seeked out Mystery. So impressed was Mystery of Arash that he decided to introduce him to Matador. That’s now Achilles became Matador’s personal wings. And a legend was born.

Fuck! If I was anywhere near San Fran I’d take this bootcamp in a second.

However, As You Know From  Our Interview, Achilles Is Very Picky With What Students He Teaches. Punk Ass Bitches Need Not Apply.

He needs someone who has heart. Who’ll see their way through no matter what it takes.

Think you got what it takes?  Check out the youtube video above and then send an email to Arash at contact@seductiveinstinct.com for consideration.

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